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Nine decades of unbroken tradition.
Nine decades of resilient service — through wars and weddings,
mountains and gullies. Like its riders, this legendary machine is
made of soul, sinew and steel.
The 2023 Bullet. New heart. Same beat.


Most motorcycles come and go, but a chosen few become icons. The Bullet 350 isn’t just a machine. It’s a legend with a legacy of over nine decades. It has carried generation after generation of riders to the most important moments of their lives. Today, its history gleams as bright as its gold pinstripes, each stroke a testament to the Bullet’s valor and spirit.


An iconic silhouette, a steadfast chassis and an unwavering heart. In the last ninety years, the Bullet 350 has established itself as a resolute ally for the bravest of the brave. From the unforgiving battlefields of the 20th century to the most treacherous terrain of the Himalayas, it has proven its resilience over and over, becoming a symbol of strength and fortitude


The heart of the Bullet 350 is more than just metal and machinery. It’s strength, stoicism and pure soul. All of this remains unchanged even as the motorcycle shifts on to our J-platform. A brand-new 349cc engine delivers dollops of torque, even down low on the rev range, and a crystal clear thump that hits the spot every single time.


Brand new J-series platform with a long stroke. 350cc single cylinder – SOHC – Fuel Injected. Good vibes only with a revolutionary counter balancer. Low end torque with the signature Bullet beat.new engine1

An updated chassis, which comes in the form of a twin downtube cradle frame, ensures greater confidence and a more stable riding experience every single time.


Engineered to take on every challenge, the anti-braking system with 300mm front and 270mm rear disc brakes allows you to ride steady and halt smoothly, even on the roughest of roads.

new bullet wheel

The reimagined signature single bench seat has more space and improved under-thigh support, ensuring complete comfort on both quick trips and long journeys.

new-bullet 4

A new digi-analogue instrument provides the perfect mix of tradition and technology, providing precise information while retaining the timeless aesthetic of the Bullet 350.


A newly-added USB port allows you to charge your devices and stay connected to the world, wherever you may be.


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