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Branded as one of the largest Royal Enfield showrooms in Tamil Nadu, Bullmenn Motors, located in the heart of Coimbatore, is about making history. The showroom is pleased to announce first delivery of the Himalayan 450CC in Tamil Nadu, increasing riders’ enthusiasm and expectation.

In addition to offering motorcycles, Bullmenn Motors has made a name for itself in the Royal Enfield community by giving aficionados an entire experience. The store is evidence of the owners’ love and dedication to the vibrant motorcycle culture.

With the Royal Enfield All New Himalayan 450CC, an incredible machine made by the Himalayans themselves, set out on an adventure of a lifetime. This adventure motorcycle, which was born in the highlands, has a rustic appeal and a practical design that make it the ideal partner for off-road adventures and navigating difficult terrain.

The Himalayan 450 CC is more than just a bike; with its strong 450cc engine producing 40.02 ps of power and a smooth 6-speed gearbox, it’s a monument to the spirit of exploration. Designed for every road. “Built for no roads” is more than simply a catchphrase; it captures the spirit of the Himalayan adventure. This two-wheeled wonder is your perfect travel companion for exciting excursions, whether you’re cruising around the city or heading into the wilderness.

The All New Himalayan 450, which is making waves in Tamil Nadu, is more than simply a new motorcycle—it’s a declaration of how to conquer highways with a tough elegance. It’s an ode to travel, where each detour turns into an exciting tale written by the Himalayas themselves. To redefine your journey, one route at a time, be ready, give in to the lure of the mountains, and ride the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 CC

Setting a new precedent in Bullmenn Motors and become hot spot for buying Royal Enfield models in Coimbatore. Bullmenn Motor Entered in Royal Enfield history hand book with first delivery of The Himalayan 450 CC. Bullmenn Motors invites rider to visit our showroom in

Bullmenn Motors provides a whole lifestyle experience along with motorcycles. Bullmenn Motors is a destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering specific bike customization, a section dedicated to gear and accessories, and a welcoming café that creates a space for motorcyclists to exchange tales. Bullmenn Motors is one of the forces behind Tamil Nadu’s Royal Enfield culture, leaving a legacy that goes beyond the motorcycles. Prepare to see the engines come to life as a new chapter and book your test drive today.


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