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Royalenfield Himalayan

The Himalayan Journey


The Himalayan is an Indian adventure touring motorcycle manufactured by Royal Enfield

The motorcycle was designed specifically with touring in mind and features an up-right seating position, with a seat height of 800 mm, allowing the rider to be seated relatively low compared to the overall height of the motorcycle. The motorcycle also features mounts on either sides of the tank, which can serve as holders for jerrycans, as well as tank guards. The rear includes a luggage carrier, and mounts are also provided as well to install aluminium panniers, both provided by Royal Enfield as accessories.

Royalenfield Himalayan

Upon its introduction, the Himalayan was praised for its good suspension and off-road ability, while some criticism was directed to the relatively low power output of the engine. The motorcycle also has longer intervals between servicing and oil changes

The early Himalayan suffered some production issues. It was noted that the quality of parts was not up to the mark and in 2017 some users filed lawsuits to either demand compensation or return the bike for refund. The company responded and in 2018 it was reported that “Royal Enfield is taking proactive steps to ensure the quality of its adventure motorcycle, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, both in the domestic and in the international markets.”

The new 2021 model got significant upgrades like tripper navigation powered by Google maps (same unit offered in new meteor 350).and redesigned Jerry can Holder.

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